Diane LeBow

Diane LeBow is an award winning writer, photojournalist, and President emerita of the Bay Area Travel Writers. Based in San Francisco, Diane has published stories with Salon.com, VIA Magazine, Copley News Service, Travelers Tales, Seal, and Cleis Press anthologies, and numerous newspapers, magazines, and internet publications. Read more... Announcements:

Newly published essay on on Cuba, "Cuba: Machismo and Feminism Together at Last?"

Featured in the Culinary Gadabout, “London's Soho: From Bunnies & Brothels to International Cuisine & Jazz,

Published in Clips and Pics

  • “At Home in Afghanistan,” photos from Afghanistan, Tana Toraja, Sulawesi, Indonesia, Morocco, and Libya”
  • “10,000 year old Art Galleries on California’s High Desert”
Published in California National Parks and Historic Sites’ 100th Anniversary
  • “Horses and History in Woodside, California,” (pp.88-89); “SoHum: Southern Humboldt County,” (pp.90-91 in )
Coming in December 2016: The Taste of Travel
  • “Mozarella Making with the Water Buffalo Baronessa: Paestum, Italy” (BATW publications)
Diane receives a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Douglass Society (Rutgers University), on October 8, 2014, in New Brunswick, NJ, the highest honor given by the Douglass Alumnae Society for her long career in writing, photojournalism, college teaching, women’s rights work, and pioneer work innovating women’s studies curricula across the country. Read more> Life Time Acheivement Awarde   Awards Diane receives a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Douglass Society (Rutgers University), 2014 Diane Lebow won the 2015, 2011, and  2010 Travelers' Tales SOLAS  Awards for Best Women's Travel Writing. Read more about Diane's awards.